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Social Media

The biggest problem with Social Media is creating engaging content, the majority of most law firms will play it safe and publish the same old content week after week. At Staxton, we want to break down these barriers, make a statement and help you get engagement and promote your law firm’s brand. This can be done through a number of methods, video, animation, and bespoke content.

All the content we produce is bespoke to each law firm we work with; it has to be. No copy and paste here.

We will start with a Social Media strategy to understand what you want to achieve, and from there build a road map of your strategy including media content.

All content we produce remains your content, we are simply there to give you the spark and inspiration to ignite your social media channels. Click the image below to view it in full screen.

Client Feedback

"Our business has worked with Rich for 15 months now - and it's the best decision we've ever made. Firstly, his work is beautiful. He knows his stuff - and he really produces content that is perfect for us. Secondly, he's now firmly part of the team/work family. And the icing on the cake is that our social media engagement has gone through the roof.

That doesn't just mean more and more followers every month - it means more new client enquiries leading to more and more clients onboarding with us. Seriously - best work decision we've ever made!"

Sarah Keegan - The CS Partnership

"We were really pleased with the digital work that he provided us to help us start up. He understands the industry, which was key for us and he was a start up as well so also understood the barriers that face a new entrant into the market. Very happy!"

Sarah Charlton - CEO, Legal Finance & Management Guru





  • Why do I need a Social Media Strategy?

    You wouldn’t start a marathon without some preparation first. This is what we do in a Social Media Strategy, we cover core areas to help you get the most from Social Media. These include the following 5 core areas:

    1. Review and Analysis of your current social media presence
    2. Competitor Analysis
    3. Target clients you are looking to attract and engage with your content
    4. Road map of your strategy and with flexible KPIs
    5. A workable document your in-house team can use that is non-technical
  • Will Social Media get me more clients?

    Overtime yes, but you need to be patient. Most people fail with Social Media as they don’t give it enough time or try to sell their services on every post they create. We help to create engaging content your clients will find value in.

  • How do I get my staff more engaged with our Social Media?

    The first place to start is with your Social Media policy, what does it say they can / can’t do? The next step would be to discuss with your team why they don’t engage with the firm’s social media. This can be down to time constraints but more commonly they lack the confidence in creating content. We help to coach individuals to use Social Media as part of the Business Development process.

  • What are the best Social Media management tools to use?

    There are literally 100s of Social Media tools you can use to help manages your law firm’s content. Here we list our top 5 favorite tools.

    1. Canva – even the free version has some great features to create content.
    2. Hootsuite – They offer a free version for up to 3 profiles, the only downside there is no reporting included.
    3. Buffer – Similar to Hootsuite this is free for up to a number of profiles
    4. Sendible – If you manage multiple accounts this works very well, including content hits and tips
    5. Google Trends – Want to know what is trending in the digital world or compare different legal services. Use this free Google tool.