Google Maps NEW Neighbourhood Vibe

Third-party apps that focus on providing detailed, user-generated reviews of local businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years. Google Maps is now embracing this trend with the addition of a new " Neighbourhood Vibe " feature that was announced at their Search On event late last month.

The Neighbourhood Vibe feature allows users to rate their overall experience in a particular neighbourhood. They can also leave a brief written review explaining what they liked or didn't like about the area. This information will then be displayed alongside the traditional information about businesses and attractions in the listing.

Chris Phillips, the VP and GM of Geo at Google says that the goal is to give users "a more well-rounded view" of a neighbourhood before they visit it. He also says that the feature could be particularly useful for people who are considering moving to a new area and want to get a better understanding.

This new feature will help home buyers/sellers better understand an area in greater detail. The crucial part will be policing the information provided. Google has stated that they will set a high bar for all, and any information displayed and will crack down on harmful and unwanted content.

Google says Neighbourhood Vibe will roll out globally in the coming months on Android and iOS. Further details on this feature here