Rich Dibbins

Legal Digital Marketing Consultant

Rich Dibbins

Welcome to my website! My name is Rich Dibbins and I am a business development expert with over 20 years of experience across various industries.

Throughout my career, I have provided digital marketing and business development services to a variety of clients, with a particular focus on the legal sector in recent years.

My ultimate goal is to help businesses generate more revenue. To do this, I work with a range of professionals, from Heads of Business to Managing Partners and Marketing Managers. I believe that helping individuals and teams to achieve their key goals is the key to success.

If you're looking to grow your business, you may not know exactly what you need to achieve that goal. That's why I start by asking you key questions about your business and what you want to achieve. From there, we can work together to develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

One of the keys to successful business development is marketing. However, some people view sales and marketing as dirty words. I believe that these areas are essential when it comes to increasing revenue. That's why I offer both sales and digital marketing services to my clients. By combining the two, you are able to gain knowledge of both areas and develop a solid, effective strategy.

Although I am based in Gloucester, I work all over the UK and Europe. With today's technology, location is not an issue. However, I do love meeting my clients face-to-face whenever possible. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned conversation to get to know each other and deliver on your objectives.

If you're looking for a business development expert who can help you generate more revenue, you've come to the right place. To learn more about my services for law firms, or if you would like to schedule a quick chat, please click here.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and take advantage of a number of free resources I have to offer here.


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