Rich Dibbins

Legal Digital Marketing Consultant

Rich Dibbins

I am not one of these “consultants” that will go on about closing multi-million-pound deals or brag for the first 30minutes how my closest clients are millionaires. You don’t care about any of these.

This is what you need to or really want to know…

I have worked in business development for over 20 years across IT, Design, Print, Legal, and Retail. More recently the last 10 years providing digital marketing and business development services to the legal sector. From sole principles to 20+ Partner law firms.

Working with Heads of Business through to Managing Partners, CEOs and Marketing Managers to achieve a key goal – Generate more business!

For me to help you and your business, I need to understand what you want to achieve. To do this I will ask you key questions that you may not know the answer to. This is ok. That is why you are here in the first place. Sales and Marketing seem to be two dirty words, but they are essential when it comes to increasing your revenue.

I provide both services, my background is sales and digital marketing. By combining the two, you are able to gain knowledge of both areas of what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

I am based in Gloucester but work all over the UK. Location is not an issue with today’s technology. I love meeting my clients face to face and strive to deliver on what they want to achieve.

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