Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Over the years we have worked with 100s of different legal partners. Ranging from Case Management Systems to specialist consultants to help your law firm gain that competitive edge, or to improve their position in this ever-increasing legal market.

We believe in recommending the right people instead of several, these partners are based on our recommendation and opinion of their expertise. If you would like an introduction to any of them, please don't hesitate to contact us for a friendly introduction.

The Compliance Office

SRA Compliance Solutions for lawyers and law firms

'We are a team of true SRA compliance specialists, utilising years of experience and carefully crafted tools to get you compliant and keep you compliant”

Core services we offer:

  • New law firm & ABS applications to the SRA
  • Outsourced SRA compliance / COLP support
  • Solicitor's Office Manual Template
  • Anti-money Laundering Audits

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Law firm business intelligence software. Katchr transforms your law firm data into an invaluable decision-making tool. Unlock the data hidden in your firm with our law firm business intelligence software to help drive your business goals.


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Make reviews work for you - With over 1800 law firms using ReviewSolicitors, why not see for yourself how other firms benefit from the service and learn how we can support your firm in your review collection journey. Google star ratings,  'reviews from the web. Widgets for your site, Facebook, and Twitter integrations. Verified reviews, Monthly reporting, and much more.


The CS Partnership

We help change not just technology but corporate habits too. We will eliminate pain points and bottlenecks that we understand every law firm has, streamline processes, and improve the profitability of all departments. From change management through to coaching your teams to become more profitable and hit their targets. Sarah Keegan and Clair Payne have a wealth of legal and tech knowledge that will help your law firm reach its top potential.

  • You will be able to process more work, with no additional fee earners.
  • Your staff will be less stressed.
  • Your gross turnover will increase, but more importantly, so will your net profits.
  • Your client service will improve.


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Clare has worked with some of the very best law firms and estate agents in the country, helping them to generate more business, improve customer care, improve sales progression and to cross-sell more related services.

During her career, she has personally visited over 2,500 estate agency branches throughout England & Wales. More recently, Clare has been a Business Developer for a supplier in the conveyancing sector, giving her a unique, 360-degree view of the residential property industry.


Class-leading legal software for case preparation and presentation. Work on your case anywhere, anytime.
HyperLaw optimises the case preparation process with three core steps:

1) Build an intelligent case file from a variety of documents, emails, and images.
2) Use easy-to-use tools to review the case and manipulate the digital case file.
3) Present or securely share your digital case file with clients, colleagues, or court from a laptop or tablet.

HyperLaw is tailored to every lawyer’s needs, whether you are a direct access barrister, a barrister in chambers, or a solicitor in a law firm – we have a solution for you.
The results are significantly lower costs, greater client service, and ultimately improved profitability.