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Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Digital marketing is one of the crucial elements to any law firm looking to increase their brand or further promote their services. However, there is more to digital marketing than simply looking at Google Analytics.

We have partnered with Novum Learning, the microlearning platform for professional growth.

If you are new to digital marketing, not sure where to start, or simply want to know the basics. This course is designed for you. No marketing fluff or gimmicks, simple tools, and advice to get you started. People spend a 100s of hours and a small fortune on various marketing courses, only to come away more puzzled than when they first started.

The costly courses and 100s of hours stop here, simple videos are broken down into key topics to help you kick start digital know-how.

Simply click the link below and you can start learning the basics surrounding digital marketing, tailored for the legal sector.

Delivered by Rich Dibbins who has presented and trained 100s of legal professionals, with over 20 years in sales and marketing and over 8 years working in digital marketing. Accredited with Google Squared and Hootsuite. Rich delivers these topics in a way that easy to learn and more importantly for you to understand.

Just click the big red button to take you to the course and you can start learning in minutes.

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