Digital Marketing

Marketing Reviews

How do you know what is or isn’t working? What is the best approach? Are you new to digital marketing?

These questions and more are the most common aspects we find when talking with a law firm. We work with our clients to help them understand the core aspects of their digital marketing. Use us as a sounding board or guidance along with your digital strategy.

Most marketing review people try to sell you something, we take the knowledge share approach. We know you will eventually learn what we discuss, this way you gain valuable knowledge and insight. No more wasted digital marketing spend.

Client Review

'Working with Rich is a real pleasure and he is always available to help and assist my business. I would highly recommend Rich for any type of business that requires this service.'

Raj Sumal - Co-CEO and Partner of Mezzle

  • What does a Digital Marketing Review involve?

    Essentially it covers all the aspects of your digital marketing linked to your website. From how many visitors you receive through to what are the best digital marketing approaches to help improve your chances of generating more revenue. Here are the 5 core areas we cover with our clients:

    1. Website Performance through Google Analytics
    2. Social Media presence
    3. Content creation and blog reviews
    4. SEO and PPC Campaigns if required
    5. Forward planning for next month
  • Can you review a 3rd party report?

    Yes, most law firms receive some form of an automated report each month but are not sure what the data is telling them. We break this down and review the good and bad.