6 Sins of social media

In the last few weeks, we have seen several social media posts where people have said ‘you shouldn’t post this or ‘This is not appropriate content to share.

Social media can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, with some much content out there it can be easy to simply chuck anything up and wish for the best. I want to make it easy for people in the legal sector to share their content without the fear of upsetting someone.

Below are my 6 sins to help keep your social media content on the straight and narrow. Of course, you can go outside these areas but remember the golden rule of social media. Once it is out there, there is no taking it back!

If you don't have time to read the blog, pop your headphones on and listen to my 6 sins below.

Sin 1 – The bandwagon post: Sometimes when we see a lot of a certain post, we think this would make great content. But then you realise there are 4 more posts of a similar nature. The two popular ones not to recreate are as follows:

  1. The banker left his car at a bank as a deposit to go on holiday, as it was cheaper than parking at the airport.
  2. The bottle of water is worth £5 at the airport, compared to £2.50 at my local shop and explaining the value of money in different areas.

Sin 2 – The selfless photo of someone vulnerable: I am not saying you cannot help vulnerable people, but do you really need to take a photo and splash it on social media? Providing a selfless task is a wonderful feeling but do it for yourself, not for the likes and shares.

Sin 3 – Sharing the company news page with no context – It is very easy for you to click that glowing share button. Tick in the box from marketing…No! What that simply shows is you shared some news with no valid opinion or comment from yourself. It takes less than 2 min to write some content for the post. Also, social media platforms love it when you do.

Sin 4 – Talking cr@p about your job – If you don’t like where you are working, then you have 3 options.

  1. Leave
  2. Scream into a pillow
  3. Get on with your job and deal with it

Think of the message you send to clients, work colleagues or future employers if you discuss your role in a negative sense. It isn’t very professional, and you can land yourself in a lot of hot water by doing this. I find No.2 very therapeutic.

Sin 5 – Don’t argue – We are all entitled to our opinions, and in some cases, our opinions can be misinterpreted for something else. Ever sent an email and someone reads it aloud in a weird voice, I know I have. Arguing over social media sets a bad example, and once it is shared there is no going back. Provide your opinions where it is appropriate but for the areas that really get your back up, maybe step away from the keyboard for those.

Sin 6 – Selling on the first introduction – No one likes to be sold too, well maybe salespeople do. Unless you have a physical item that people can see value in, it is very hard to sell professional services on the first introduction. To sell on social media you need to have the following formula:

Credibility + Value = Trust

Once trust is established, then people will buy from you. You can build trust with your content and share insightful aspects relating to your area of expertise. Follow my LinkedIn page or connect with me on LinkedIn, for more helpful tips and guidance around the wonderful world of digital marketing.

I have worked in digital marketing for over 20 years from the print industry through to IT and the last 10 years in the legal sector. If you have a one-off project or looking to improve your business's digital marketing presence, let's grab a virtual coffee and discuss.